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Nightdress Luisa

Night dress model luisa

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Nightdress Luisa

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The Fabric

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Known for its premium softness, MicroModal is a sustainable fiber derived from beech trees. It is very silky to the touch, and feels light against the skin.
On top of that, being a thinner fabric, MicroModal is quite breathable and wicks moisture well.
Its unparalleled softness and cool fit against the body make it a great choice for lingerie.

Along with its comfort, MicroModal is quickly becoming one of the choice fabrics of clothiers because it readily takes dyes and does not fade as easily as many other textiles. Due to the fact that it is made from beech fibers, which are more resilient than many other textiles, it also holds its shape well.

All MicroModal fabric is produced in the European Union. There are, in fact, no other places outside of Europe that manufacture this ultra-soft fabric.

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The Care

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Caring for Modal requires the usual attention you deserve to your wool garments.
Wash MicroModal on gentle cycle using warm water (20 °C - 68 °F) and cool rinse. Use a mild detergent. While cotton may shrink, MicroModal maintains high durability and strength when wet.
Air dry.
Use a medium hot iron and always iron on the wrong side of the fabric to prevent creating a shine on the fabric itself. For a perfect result steam iron.

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Nightdress Luisa