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Nightdress Tessa

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Cristina's Notes

Any model of our Lingerie Collection is individually made with passion. Fine tailoring, impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and scrupulous attention to detail is the mainstay of everything Cristina Linassi do as heritage of Italian couture.

Let the luxury and elegance of the Nightdress Tessa carry you to other times. On the chemise, the finest cotton lace creates an asymmetrical map along the neckline and hem. Made of 100% silk, the Tessa Nighdress is charmeuse in the enchanting shades of intense pink, off-white, red purple, living coral and dark grey.

100% Pure Silk – Made in Italy

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Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering.
Each piece of Cristina Linassi's Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy.
For this same reason it is non-returnable.
Returns are accepted only for product that is defective, shipped incorrectly, or not constructed to customer specifications.

For this luxurious

Nightdress Tessa

Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering


The Fabric


Long before France spun silk threads, Italy had been extracting silk threads from those magical little fluffy moth’s larvae since the Middle Ages. The Italian word for silk in Italian is seta.

There is a long history of silk-making in Como. The reasons are two-fold: the alpine lakes and streams supply an abundant supply of fresh water crucial in the manufacture of this magical fabric; there is an established agricultural presence of mulberry trees–the preferred food and habitat of silkworms.
Silk production using silk worms grown in Italy has been on the rise in recent years. The industry in Italy had suffered a collapse since the 1950s due to cheap prices of silk from Asia, especially from China.

At one time weavers worked by hand on antique looms but nowadays most production is industrialized. Claiming to be the European Capitol of Silk, here at Cristina Linassi – Venezia we choose our silks among the nearly 1000 companies in the Como silk industry: Italian fashionistas should be happy to know that.


The Care


We use only the highest quality silks for our nightwear.
Silk is a wonderfully luxurious fabric that can help improve your sleep and health.
Silk, like wool and linen, requires a more delicate cleaning regime than cotton, special detergents and lower temperatures.
However, if washing guidelines are followed, your silk items will last as the silk fibre is very strong while being incredibly soft.

Your silk nightdress might be washed alone in the washing machine, using warm water and a mild detergent. Use the lowest setting spin cycle.
Air dry for an hour and iron immediately when it is still damp. The flatiron itself will dry it. Iron on the reverse side only. Do not use steam iron.




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Must have ( sooner or later )

Nightdress Tessa

680,00 €

Must have ( sooner or later )