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Tablecloth Foreshore

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Cristina's Notes

There is a place that holds a very special spot in Cristina Linassi’s memory.
As a child she remembers going down the foreshore getting her feet wet as the waves crashed to shore.
Running in the sand, on the exact wet part of the beach.

The Foreshore Collection has been thought in precious Panama Linen for this particular memory: the sand-colored light brown of this precious linen, with its squared look that slightly remember the uneven wet grains of the sand on the water’s edge.
So Solid. So Natural. Down-to-earth. Unconventional yet sophisticated.
The way Cristina Linassi transformed an old memory into a contemporary fashion home-linen to dress your table is a way for her to tell you that it is the moment to build a memory of your own out of it.

Panama Linen 100% – Made in Italy

Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering.
Each piece of Cristina Linassi's Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy.
For this same reason it is non-returnable.

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150 x 150 CM. 59" x 59" Inches, 300 x 170 Cm. – 118,1" x 66,9" Inches, 390 x 190 Cm. – 153,5" x 74,8" Inches


Dark sand color – light blue satin border, Dark sand color – orange linen border, Dark sand color – white linen border


Each piece of Cristina Linassi’s Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy. For this same reason it is non-returnable.



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Tablecloth Foreshore

170,00 495,00 

Must have ( sooner or later )

E.commerce orders are momentarily suspended, while the going-out-of-business-sales are continuing.
For purchases of the stock with discounts send an email message to : [email protected]

We inform our kind customers that after the closing of the retail store due to the lack of manual labour consequent to the pandemic, Cristina Linassi has decided to continue her business for a selected group of affectionate clients who will be visiting the new show room at her house on the Grand Canal in front of the Guggenheim museum.
Just book your appointment in advance by email message to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp or phone +393280208017