Cristina Linassi Venezia

The Atelier

Here’s the one thing you’ll learn NOT to do when you enter Cristina Linassi’s showroom and atelier: expect to buy something right there and walk out with it!

Once you’ve entered her showroom nearby Saint Mark’s, you’ll realize that everything – from silk nighties to all-embroidered homelinen – is a tribute to the craftmans who make it.
Just for you.

Visiting Cristina Linassi’s fragrant workshop is a real sensory experience.

Your eyes, your nose, your ears: they are all part of a luxurious journey.

It starts from the outside. Right from above the Ostreghe bridge. Those that are normal windows facing a typical Venetian back canal, are amazingly fitted with stunning homelinen and night lingerie.
From the bridge you can even let your hands wander on the brilliant blue navy drape falling down from the windowsill.
Then, if it’s a Friday, it’s the tap-tap-tapping sound that rhythmically follows your every step. The sign of industrious hands at work.
And then again is the smell of fabrics. An inexplicable slightly sweet scent that fills the air. It is something more atmospheric, something more elegant.

On the first floor of enchanting Palazzo Zobenigo

the prevalent sentiment is that of everlasting love: each piece is affectionately designed by Cristina Linassi herself and crafted the same way by artisans from start to end, which would explain why you can’t buy straight away as in a normal maybe even ordinary shop.
And it’s no coincidence that the back of the Palace – where the showroom and atelier are – is on Rio delle Ostreghe. John Ruskin, the famous British art critic of the Victorian era and as well a talented artist in his own right, during his stay in Venice with regard right to this Palace, noted in his notebook “Things to be drawn at Venice, if possible” and again remarked “the back of the house is better that its front”.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Cristina Linassi’s universe is ruled by discipline and precision, but that doesn’t mean it lacks imagination. How could that possibly be: from her very beginning through to her first steps into business, Cristina Linassi has proved that choosing, cutting, reading fabrics and lace is akin to high art.
Add a big wide work table, experienced hands and a brainiac mind and you’ve got yourself something unique.